Who are we?

180 Degrees Consulting Universitas Gadjah Mada is the first Indonesian branch of the world’s largest consultancy for non-profit and social enterprises.

Being at the forefront of desirable change, we have helped various entities overcome the challenges they face at extremely affordable costs.

Our Mission

Yogyakarta has a robust social entrepreneurial ecosystem: Non-Profit Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and SMEs.

Numerous NGOs/NPOs in Yogyakarta are operating, managing, and running programs to address issues related to Education, Food waste & food loss, Vegetables, Medical, Women's rights. Farming, etc.

Some of them sometimes face serious problems that threaten their existence and many of them need help to develop their organizations. We are there to help them by providing pro-bono consulting services by a qualified and trained student. 

We do what we do because we believe in effective charity and developing the next generation of social impact leaders.

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